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This rake grapple from Glacier/Storm Attachments excells in timber, brush, and forestry type applications and is available in the skid steer, dingo, MT series, and John Deere quick attach mounting systems. Weighing in at 260 LBS, this grapple is ideal for small to midsize compact tractors and other smaller machines where a lighter overall weight is needed. The clamshell style claw spans nearly the entire width of the grapple and is powered by a top mount 3000PSI hydraulic cylinder. With the cylinder in the retracted position, this grapples opens up 36", enabling large loads and fast cycle times. The main frame is constructed using 3x3x7GA material, and the tines feature 1/4" material. Comes equipped with hoses and couplers. 


Note: Pictured hose protection spring kit is not included in price.

Storm Rake/Brush Grapple 48"

    • 48" Width
    • 1/4" Tines 
    • Greasable Pivot Points
    • 3000PSI Cylinder
    • 260 LBS Weight
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Made In Michigan

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