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The IronCraft Co. DGR44 Rake Grapple (Dingo) is specifically designed for mini skid steers with the dingo style quick attach, making it a must-have for forestry and grappling operations. This heavy-duty grapple is fabricated with 3/8" material, ensuring durability and longevity even in the toughest conditions. Its dual cylinder operation allows for powerful gripping and lifting capabilities, while the 44" width provides ample coverage for efficient work. The reinforced quick attach ensures a secure connection to your equipment, and the grapple comes complete with hoses and couplers for easy installation and use. With its reliable construction and user-friendly design, the IronCraft Co. DGR44 Rake Grapple (Dingo) is the perfect tool for any forestry or grappling project.

IronCraft Co. DGR44 Rake Grapple (Dingo)

    • 44" Width
    • 252 LBS
    • 3/8" Tines
    • Reinforced Quick Attach
    • Dual Cylinder Operation
    • Dingo Style Quick Attach

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