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The IronCraft Co. Compact Tractor Snow Pusher CTSPUSH is the perfect solution for your snow removal needs. Made in the USA, it features a 1.5"x8" high tensile strength rubber cutting edge and 5/16" sides, ensuring maximum durability and strength. The 3/16" moldboard and reinforced quick attach are built to last, while the 1/2" AR400 replaceable shoes provide additional protection against wear and tear. Invest in the IronCraft Co. Compact Tractor Snow Pusher for your skid syteer or compact tractor for a reliable and efficient snow plowing experience.

IronCraft Co. Compact Tractor Snow Pusher CTSPUSH

    • 5/16" Sides
    • 3/16" Moldboard
    • 1.5"x 8" Rubber Cutting Edge
    • 3/8" Quick Attach
    • 1/2" AR400 Replaceable Wear Shoes
    • 22.5" Height
    • 26" Depth
    • Optional Bolt On Pull Bar
    • Skid Steer or John Deere Quick Attach