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Wash Out

Get ready to mow with the baddest mower on the market. The KGZ Series will turn heads and drop jaws. Even with its good looks, it is still a heavy-duty machine, perfect for those who want to mow in comfort.


The KGZ-XD has 55+ lbs/ft of torque to maintain 18,500 FPM for a pristine cut under most conditions. And what else do you get?  Instant torque, quieter operation, reduced fuel usage, increased engine life, and so much more! Both engine pulley diameters have been increased so that at 2,800 RPM the blade tip speed remains consistent and the pump speed allows for 15 MPH top speed. The KGZ-XD is our fastest zero turn mower yet! 


Some of the stand out KGZ features include Michelin Tweels, 4 Springed Suspension Forks, Oversized Electric Clutch, Ultra-Premium Dymetrol® Adjustable 3” Travel Seat, Dual Exhaust, 15 mph Top Speed and a 17 Gallon Fuel Tank (Dual 8 Gallon Tanks).


Starting At


The King of the Grass Ride-On KGZ-XD Blackout. Here are just a few advantages that take this zero turn mower into a class of its own: 

  • 2800 RPM engine speed for instant maximum torque.

  • Rugged fusion welded reinforced tube frame

  • 16cc Parker HTG integrated hydros with no power-robbing reduction gears

  • 4 Tweels for smooth, flat-free performance and increased traction

  • 4 shocked front spring suspension with multi-adjustment

  • dual fuel tanks with 17 gallons of fuel capacity

  • 55+ pounds of torque, EFI, electronic governors, and electronic variable spark advance

  • oversized electric clutch to handle torque load

  • special Blackout super seat, adjustable with TecsPak® adjustable suspension under the seat

  • Vanguard® engine with Oil Guard System

  • New magnetic mower height adjustment pin

Test drive the 61" KGZ-XD Blackout at CTS Equipment LLC today!

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Wash Out



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