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Machine Hold Policy


The following are terms and conditions associated with holding a machine from Compact Tractor Sales LLC.

  • To hold a machine for a buyer, Compact Tractor Sales LLC requires a $250 deposit via cash or credit card only.

  • A machine hold policy form indicating described equipment must be signed by buyer.

  • All deposits are applied towards the total balance.

  • All deposits to hold machines are Non-Refundable.

  • Buyer has maximum of five business days from date of deposit to acquire the remaining funds and pay remaining balance in full.

  • If buyer is unable to obtain funds for the remaining balance within the time allotted, buyer forfeits deposit and Compact Tractor Sales LLC is released from the obligation to hold the machine and has the right to relist and sell any equipment indicated on the machine hold policy form.

  • By signing a machine hold policy form, depositor agrees to all terms and conditions listed above.

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