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Engineered with the needs of dedicated land-clearing professionals in mind, the X-Treme Tree Reaper is designed for the toughest jobs. This remarkable attachment combines unrivaled power, unmatched durability, and exceptional precision to transform your next land clearing experience. The brush cutter has two direct drive motor options that will cut through dense brush, saplings, and small trees from 5” to 7”. Choose between a 16-26 GPM motor (case drain is not required) and a 17-30 GPM bent axis piston motor (case drain is required). You can rely on its raw strength without the restriction of a gearbox to tackle any land clearing project with ease.

The X -Treme Duty Reaper Brush Cutter is designed with bolt on replaceable skid shoes, tapered deck for lower ground cutting, and most importantly no welded hardware holding the blades to the blade holder. This makes changing blades in the field a much quicker and easier task.

IronCraft Co. X-Treme Tree Reaper Brush Cutter (SSQA)

    • 80" Depth
    • 24" Height
    • Push Bar
    • Triple Blade, Dual Layer Blade Carrier (Available with Mulching Teeth)
    • Forward Taper for Lower Profile Cutting
    • 60", 72", and 80" Widths Available
    • Multiple Motor Configurations to Match Your Machine
    • AR400 5/8" Blades