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The IronCraft Co. Ultra Root/Brush Grapple (SSQA) is the perfect tool for forestry and demolition cleanup applications. This grapple is built tough and can be used with larger skid steers and tractors, making it a versatile addition to your equipment fleet. With a 36 " opening, you can easily grab and transport large branches, logs, and other debris. Available in 60", 66" ,72" widths, this grapple can handle even the toughest jobs with ease. Choose the IronCraft Co. Ultra Root/Brush Grapple (SSQA) for reliable performance and durability. Stocked in 72".


NOTE: This grapple is available in John Deere Quick Change and Euro Global Mounting systems. Please call if you need this grapple with a different mounting system than what is stocked. 

IronCraft Co. Ultra Root/Brush Grapple (SSQA)

    • 3/8" Continuous Lower Tines
    • 3/8" Claw Sides
    • Greaseable Pins And Bushings
    • 1/2" Pivot Brackets
    • 36" Max Opening
    • 37" Lower Tine Depth
    • Recommended for Machines Up to 80HP

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