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The IronCraft Co. Compact Tractor Pallet Forks are the perfect solution for your tractor or skid steer and any material handling need. These high quality  pallet forks feature a Class 2 fork frame, a 3/8" top rail with four locking positions for each for blade, a forward tilted quick attach for increased rollback, steps, and a powder coat finish. These pallet forks utilize 48"x4"x1.37" fork blades and feature an overall height of 34" when assembled. These IronCraft Co.  set up for any machine with the skid steer quick attach mounting system. 

IronCraft Co. Standard Duty Pallet Forks (SSQA)

    • 34" Height
    • 45" Width
    • 3/8" Top For Rail
    • 48"x 4"x 1.37" Fork Blade 
    • Tilted Quick Attach For Increased Rollback
    • Skid Steer Quick Attach Mounting System

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