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The IronCraft Co. Box Scrape Ripper for skid steers is unmatched in its ability to grade, level, and maintain your gravel surfaces. The ripper shanks can be set at your desired height and will assist in breaking up hard packed gravel. The two blade carriers are equipped with cutting edges on the front and back and can be operated in both forward and reverse. The sturdy design and performance driven features make this attachment the ideal tool for tackling any leveling/grading job. 

IronCraft Co. Box Scrape Ripper(Skid Steer)

    • 13" Side Height
    • 48" - 96" Width Available
    • 46" Box Depth
    • 70" Overall Length
    • 5"x1.5" Cutting Edges
    • Skid Steer Quick Attach Mounting System

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