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The IronCraft Co. Hydraulic PTO Pump Kit (3-Point) is the perfect addition to any tractor. This powerful pump kit provides increased pump flow of up to 11.4 GPM, allowing you to run front loader implements with increased power. It comes with a 20 gallon reservoir tank and oil sight and temperature gauge, allowing you to monitor fluid levels and temperature. Installing this kit is easy and efficient, making it a great addition to your tractor. 


*Unit is shipped empty.

*Supply and return hoses to the front of your tractor are not included. 

IronCraft Co. Auxiliary PTO Hydraulic Pump Kit (3-Point)

    • Generates 11.4 GPM 
    • 20 Gal Reservoir Tank
    • 400 LB (Filled)
    • Oil Sight and Temperature Guage

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