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This light duty grader blade is designed for tractors in the 15-30 HP range. Maintain driveways, remove top soil, plow snow, and handle all of your land maintenance jobs with this versatile implement. Available in 4' and 5' widths, these grader blades utilize a CAT one 3-point hitch setup and feature full angle adjustment with 5 locking positions.


NOTE: Comes standard in gray finish. 

IronCraft Co. 4100 Series Grader Blade (3-Point)

    • Available in 4' and 5' Widths
    • 15-30HP Rating
    • 158-179 LBS
    • 5 Angle Positions, FWD and REV
    • 3/8" A-Frame Material
    • 6" Cutting Edge
    • 13" Moldboard Height
    • Quick Hitch Compatible
    • Category 1 
    • Made in the USA
    • Warranty Included

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