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This heavy duty box blade is designed for 30-70HP tractors and is available in 6' and 7' widths. Smooth top soil, grade your driveway, spread mulch, remove snow, and more with this essential tractor implement from IronCraft Co. Maximize the use of your tractor and add this box blade to your arsenal today!


NOTE: Comes standard in gray finish. 

IronCraft Co. 3200 Series Box Blade (3-Point)

    • Available in 6' and 7' Widths
    • 17" Moldboard Height
    • 22" Overall Depth
    • 1/2" A-Frame Material
    • 6" Cutting Forward and Reverse Cutting Edges
    • 530-586 LB Weight
    • 5 and 6 Shanks(Respectively)
    • Quick Hitch Compatible
    • Category 1 and 2
    • Made in the USA
    • Warranty Included

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