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If you are looking to replace your worn out bucket or simply need a a bucket that offers better peformance, look no further. This extreme duty material handler offers the best in durability, design, and performance. The 34" depth and 21" height offer excellent visibility of the leading edge, allowing more efficiency and ease of grading. This 3/16" wrap is reinforced with 5/8" side reinforcment, 1/2"x 5" wear bars, and 1/2" quick attach construction with 5/8" vertical gusseting. The leading edge features a 1/2" weld on cutting edge, 3/4"x 6" reverseable cutting edge, and 5/8" bolt on vertical wear plates. If you're looking for a skid steer bucket to pair with your machine, add this unit to your aresenal, you won't be disappointed.

Glacier HD Material Bucket (SSQA)

  • Please call to verify availability.

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