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The BE AGRI-EASE Ballast Box Counterweight (3-Point) is an essential addition to any tractor in need of greater lifting capabilities. With over 500 lbs of counterbalance added to the back of the machine, you can confidently lift heavier loads. The ballast box is quick hitch compatible and features a category one 3 point connection. It also comes with built-in tool holders and a 2" receiver tube for added versatility. Upgrade your tractor with the BE AGRI-EASE Ballast Box Counterweight and take on your tasks with confindence. 

BE AGRI-EASE Ballast Box Counterwight (3-Point)

    • 13" Length
    • 26" Width
    • 26" Height
    • 3.67 Cubic Feet Volume
    • 104 LB Empty Weight
    • Up to 575 LBS Filled
    • 2" Trailer Receiver
    • Quick Hitch Compatible
    • Category 1

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