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The Glacier Snow Box Pusher is the perfect snow removal attachment for your skid steer. This pusher is built with a 3/16" moldboard, 3/4"x5" shoes, and advanced side reinforcement for maximum durability and efficiency. The included pull bar makes it easy to move snow away from garage doors, parked cars, etc. With its high-quality construction, this Glacier Snow Box Pusher is sure to be a reliable and effective tool in your winter arsenal. Available in skid steer and euro global quick attach mounting systems.

Glacier Snow Box Pusher(With Pull Bar, SSQA)

    • 8' and 10' Widths Available
    • 3/16" Moldboard
    • 3/8" Sides
    • 5"x 3/4" Shoes(Replaceable)
    • 30" Height
    • 1/2" Quick Attach
    • 1.5"x 8" Rubber Cutting Edge
    • 1.5"x 8" Rubber Edge For Pull Bar 
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Made In Michigan

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