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IronCraft Co. XT Series Rotary Tiller is the perfect skid steer attachment for all of your tilling needs. This tiller features  a direct drive motor and is available in both low flow and high flow models. With Parker motors, 1/4" rolled steel cage, 6" tilling depth and bi-directional rotation, this unit is great for food plot prep, garden prep, and other seed prep applications. 

IronCraft Co. XT Series Rotary Tiller (SSQA)

    • 1/4" Rolled Steel Housing
    • 3/8" Sides
    • 3/8" Shoes
    • XTFL72 (14-20 GPM Rating)
    • XTHF72 and XTHF84 (20-40 GPM Rating)
    • Bolt On Replaceable Tines
    • Warranty Included

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