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The IronCraft Co. UH Series Rotary Tiller (3-Point) is the perfect tool for prepping gardens and food plots. There are three models available in the UH heavy duty series, a 60" reverse drive, 72" reverse drive, and the forward drive 84" model. These heavy duty tillers are designed for tractors in the 40-65 PTO HP range and feature a gear drive design for superior strength and dependability. With there tillers, you can quickly and easily prepare and condition the soil for planting. The UH Series Rotary Tiller is a must-have tool for any serious gardener or food plotter.

IronCraft Co. UH Series Rotary Tiller (3-Point)

    • 40-65 PTO HP Rating
    • 860-993 LBS
    • 8" Tilling Depth
    • 4" Rotor Tube Diameter
    • 54 Tines
    • 540 RPM PTO Input Speed Rating
    • Quick Hitch Compatible
    • Category 2 
    • Warranty Included

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